About William Saroyan Society

The William Saroyan Society is a non-profit, public service organization, in Fresno, California, home of the Pulitzer prize-winning author and playwright, and dedicated to promoting the life, times and literary works of William Saroyan, while educating the public about the human values depicted in his writing.

Ben AmirkhanianOur Founder Major Benjamin V. Amirkhanian, ret. Chairman Emeritus

Board Members

  • Rod Janzen, Chairman
  • Leonard Kizirian, Vice Chairman & Treasurer
  • Gary Darakjian, Secretary
  • Angela Ballew
  • Jack Chavoor
  • Gary Christiansen
  • Chris Janzen
  • Stacy Heuring
  • Michael Rettig
  • Bill Secrest Jr.
  • Zoë Smurr

Emeritus Board Members