Town Walk – Saturday, April 28,2012

Come to the Saroyan Town Walk-Saturday, April 28, 2012

You will learn about William Saroyan and his early years in Fresno and experience the sights and sounds of the area that he gave voice to in his works.

One of those places is Valley Lahvosh Baking Company still in the location where this historic photo was taken.

Valley Lavosh Historical Photo
Photo courtesy of Janet Saghatelian.

¬†Attendee’s of¬†the Saroyan Town Walk 2012



Views from the Saroyan Town Walk 2007 and 2008

Town Walk Watkins 2008
Photo courtesy of Howard Watkins
Town Walk Fresno












Al Garabedian as Mr. Saroyan in Courthouse Park. Photo by Howard Watkins.


Town Walk William Saroyan













Photo of presentation at Holy Trinity Armenian Church by Edward Ashjian.


Town Walk Hye Bakery 2007








Visiting Hye Quality Bakery. Photo by Edward Ashjian.


Town Walk Valley Bakery 2007










Visiting Valley Lahvosh Baking Company.